Faller Mounting Machine

Main Features:

  • Machine runs on Pneumatic Control
  • Compact Design
  • Strong main-frame made from mild steel.
  • Equipped with “FESTO” make Air Cylinder for reliable operations and world wide serviceability.
  • Smart user friendly Electronic Controller, modular design for easy replaceability.
  • Adapters for quick change over for Chain Driven and Screw Driven Faller.

Machine Installation Requirements:

  • Standard power chord for Electric connection.
  • Machine should placed on strong flat surface of 200 kg carrying capacity.
  • Required Air Compressor with 7 Bars pressure, with dry air facility.
  • Earthing connection to be checked before plugging in power.

Getting Started with the Machine:

  1. Establish the power connection with using Power chord supplied.
  2. Safety door must be closed.
  3. Give Dry Air connection
  4. Maintain "7 Bar" air pressure (Indicated on Pressure Dial Gauge)
  5. Release the “Emergency Stop” switch by turning it in clockwise direction.
    IMP: When this switch pressed during operation none of the keys will operate of control panel board and all Red led light glows on.To start again the machine first release the “Emergency Stop” switch then Power “OFF” the machine and then power“ON”.
  6. Use ON/OFF switch to start the machine
    IMP NOTE: As you power on the machine, the Pressing assembly will move automatically in Backward direction and halt when it has reached it’s HOME position. If it is already at HOME position then assembly will not move
  7. Press the “LIGHT” switch marked with yellow colour on Right Hand side of control Board.
  8. Press “MODE” switch marked with Orange colour and select the "MANUAL” Mode. Small Display Screen shows the mode you have selected. The Red colour Led Is On under “MANUAL” switch.
  9. Press and release “FORWARD” switch shown with Down arrow marked in Blue colour Make this practice for a while to feel the speed and movement of pressing assembly in Forward Direction.
  10. Do the same practice for “ BACKWARD” switch shown with Up Arrow marked in Blue colour for moving Pressing Assembly in Backward direction.
  11. Pressing Assembly moves in Forward or Backward direction uninterrupted if “FORWARD” or “BACKWARD” switch keep pressed without releasing it.
    (Make some practice with this function also)
    IMP: Machine must be in “MANUAL” mode to operate these functions.
  12. Now press “MODE” switch again to keep machine in “AUTO” mode. Small display screen shows "Auto"
    Machine is in “AUTO” mode also Red colour Led is On under “AUTO” switch.
  13. Gently press the “START” switch marked with green colour. Pressing assembly moves in Forward Direction and halts at it’s forward most position for “3” seconds and again moves in Backward direction after pressing in the strip. “CYCLE COMPLETE” message appear on Display screen.
  14. “STOP” switch marked in Red colour stops Pressing operation immediately at it’s current position and moves pressing assembly in Backward direction and halts at Home position.
  15. There is a “Safety Door” switch placed on the middle of Front panel Board
    (If “safety Door” is open in “Auto” mode ,functions like “START” and “STOP” can’t be operated.)
    (If Safety Door gets opened during auto mode cycle, then machine will automatically go in “Manual”mode. You will have to close the Safety Door first and should reselect the “AUTO” mode.)